Eternal Return Tier List February 2023: Best Characters Named!

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It’s no news anymore that Eternal return Black survival was premiered in 2020.

Eternal return is classified as a MOBA and battle royal game, it’s usually multiplayer in play.

In it’s development Eternal return is designed and designated to play in an isolated island Lumia Island, where teams play and compete.

Strategic survival, skill sets, careful trade and knowledge about the game can render the ultimate survivor at the end of the round and you are declared a winner of the Contest.

The game mode of Eternal return Black survival, needs a player to be ambitious as a fighter so as to survive .

Therefore exploration of items to necessitate you form unique crafts, war armors, weapons for protection and hunting.

NOTE: For you especially the Player who is new to the game , be mindful that having stamina and fight synergy is key but staying alive is next to noon.

All that said about the game, what disorganizes play for competitors here is the choice of characters to use in this season 8 of the game Meta but through key composition and analysis we bring you the tier list in player rankings with weapons to help you know who to go for and why in tiers of  W, A,B,C,D  and here we go!

Eternal return tier list W tier

Eternal Return Tier List February 2023: Best Characters Named!

 W ,It’s the helm tier of our tier list  and characters here are at the mantle of this Royal battle game (Eternal return).

They are the most powerful, strategic and have an unmatched success rate , having any of these in your Play  both as a single or team.

You’re  assured of high winning rate and stand firm odds and high probability to conquer the Island of Lumia as a winner after a long que battle against the rest of the players 17 test subjects .

With characters here in the W tier you can prove your wit, synergy and  elegance.

NO.CharacterWeaponWin Rate
1.FioraRapier 9.30
2.AyaAssault Rifle8.77
4.JackieDual Sword7.55

Eternal Return Tier List A tier

Eternal Return Tier List February 2023: Best Characters Named!

This is the second most upper tier of the game, characters here can win you a contest they are only slightly different from those in the W tier in terms of wit, combative worth, knowledge and treasure hunt.

With these characters in play Success Rate is not far away , because only those players with W tier are the only one who can dismiss you off the life at the island of Lumia.

These characters are more useful especially to take you through the ranks, they become efficient more when you use them with their recommended weapons  at all the time in the battle field

So when you can’t  have W tier characters don’t  feel absurd please  A-Tier is full of top notch characters that can see you survive the other test subjects while in the deserted island of Lumia

Characters here in include;

No.Character Weapon Win Rate
1. Zahir Throw7.20
2.IsolAssault Rifle7.00
3.NadineCrossbow 6.70
4. XiukaiSpear6.50
5. CathyDagger6.20

Eternal Return Tier List B-tier

Eternal Return Tier List February 2023: Best Characters Named!

These are quite unique characters, they are definitely not strong as W&A tier characters.

 The characters here can get victory In there , seemingly average but can ultimately be good priority to use, because without W&A tier character this is the last Resort compared to the Lower tiers below B-tier .

With clarity,I can say  you form a good team with characters here with more support, specifity and life boosts to members here.

However when you get chance to get to purchase characters in upper tiers of W&A tier please dropping these is ok and no one will put a blame case to you .

These are characters in the tier with their winning rate success and Weapons’,

No. CharacterWeaponWin Rate
1.YukiTwo-Handed Sword 5.66
2. HartGuitar 5.50
4. Adriana Throw5.00
5. ChiaraRapier5.00
6. RozziPistol 4.70

Eternal Return Tier List C-tier

Eternal Return Tier List February 2023: Best Characters Named!

This tier consists a latter of characters  who run to characters.

They are means of play to opt for in case all the first three tier characters are unreasonably unreachable.

These characters are only functional  and expectional in some situations  but not all situations, there fore non reliable for a serious competition a d combative atmosphere. Because their winning rate is such a sorrow.

Venturing in to these might leave you a successful failure of Eternal return all time  therefore, be ambitious to seek the top characters.

Unless your are a pro in Eternal return Black survival, don’t  tamper with these characters here expecting survival on battles while in Lumia.

No.CharacterWeaponWin Rate
2. BerniceSniper4.30
3. Li DailinGlove4.10
4. MagnusBat4.10
5. EmmaShuriken3.80
6. HyejinShuriken3.70
7. TiaBat3.70
8. HyunwooGlove3.55
9.Yuki  Dual Swords5.50

Eternal Return Tier List D-tier


To sum up our tiers in our tier list is  D-Tier.

Here we come to get characters that no body you should scramble for not even at worst of moments in the game of Eternal return.

Characters here are wicked weaklings, they are always disastrous in the competition .

Using them is probability 99:100 that you will register failed-failure . The remaining portion of 1% success chance is only to pro eternal return Black survival gamers with great wit, skill set and knowledge about the game and quite a grand master strategic survival plan.

But in the same context of the game if you are beginner with out Money to go for the big boy characters, then give the D tier  characters chance.

But as soon as you survive , please and please get rid of these chaps .

No. CharacterWeaponWin Rate
1.SisselaThrow 3.30
2.ShoichiDagger 3.20
4. LenoxWhip2.90

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1. What is the quickest  method of  level up in Eternal Return?

For every action you take, even just strolling gives  you experience point (XP). Therefore all you need to do is doing tasks repetitively.

 Make sure all your efforts are  focused on getting the items you need to craft the items  of importance to you . Thereafter you can hunt for,

  • Spices
  • craft
  • food
  • drinks

This is to help you get to the upper levels.

Set traps too, Although useless at some points , worries they are a source of experience point (XP)

2. What’s the maximum number of players on a team in Eternal return?

Eternal return allows each team to have a number of players , and those players should be four in number on either side of the teams and can’t  go beyond this number.

3. How many genres does eternal return have ?

 Eternal return has different generes that  evolve  in the game at  different stages and each genere bis as equally useful as the other.

 In a brief  eternal return has three (3) generes of play as a game that inculde;

  • Battle Royale
  • MOBA
  • Survival

4. What are the tips to become mighty and stronger in eternal return?

Likewise for all players of different games being stronger than opponents is what we all yarn for and Lure all resources to gain “might”

There is a to do list of continuous action to grant and make you stronger on your way up in the game as follows?

  • Play The Tutorial of the game throughly
  • Keep Up To Date On The updated or released versions of the game
  • Nurture  a Character, onwards integrate.
  • complete Your Weapon First.
  • Locomote easily
  • Use The Saved Plan Feature.
  • Avoid Battles With Counter Characters that aren’t  necessary
  • Don’t put your focus on  Item Rarity  simply because it doesn’t  Doesn’t Matter

5. Can I heal an injured character in eternal return?

Sure, you can heal an injured feller in eternal return by simply using food and other consumables in the game.

Give the character food and consumables they will heal faster and stronger

6. Is food very much important in Eternal return?

  • Assured, food does a great deal of importance in the game.
  • It’s food that keeps you alive as a character.
  • Gathering food and feeding gives more experience points (XP) in eternal return
  • It’s food and consumables that help you heal an injured character because it gives new energy to them
  • Foot is more than important , still because it enables you to resurrect dead characters . For all food items with an angel mark can resurrect a character and here with all characters you can rise as many characters as possible.

7. What’s   the main plot in Eternal return ?

Similarly to many games , eternal return has a main plot.

This where almost All the action Rolls.

In the case of Eternal return, the main plot is a deserted islands of Lumia .

8. What is  the use of Nice Play (NP) in Eternal Return?

 Nice Play (NP) is usually a congratulations message you get when playing a game .

It usually due to doing anice action, winning , being fast , doing a trick etc.

But for the sake of Eternal return , the use of Nice Play (NP)

It’s a  currency  we use to buy  a  couple of things in Eternal Return.

Cheat codes  For Eternal return Game

Majority of the games Played universally have cheat codes however these keep changing with advancement in the game, new codes , new seasons and  different. Characters.

However the codes in some games take last until the new edition or meta of the similar game  is introduced.

In eternal return some cheat and return codes keep changing, however they can be changed online and others unlimited  but rather change where they act.

These are some of the cheat and return codes you can give a try and you never know you success bound with them.

To get free emotes in Eternal Return, you must use the coupon code

Currently active coupons:

 “AYASMILE” in the game.



KAKAOGAMESISHERE – Jackie and Yuki emotes


UNLOCKADRIANANOW – Unlocks Adriana if you don’t own her

NB: redeem them, go to Settings, then Support, and you will find an option that will allow you to redeem coupon codes.


In summarization, Now the picturesque and vivid description  of the Eternal return Game is now clear.

After the complement of this article , now you know what to do. Who to yarn for which weapon to use and the win rate that everyone has gotten.

With the characters from w to D Tier , you ought not to waste more time on characters like Lenox but rather hunt and feed characters on food and consumables to upgrade them .

Remember to always diversify  to grow more characters and use strategic plan with your team  to win more all the Player versus player sequence and the  test subject .

Always focus on the meta genere of the game you’re playing  at every stage, level and time . Whether  MOBA, survival or battle Royale

Now for all  fantaics and lovers  of Eternal return jubilate research, study and analytics game division has made this possible

At this venture, I  expect that your mode of play and approach to  Eternal return has changed with the kind of  classification we have given you as stated in our table of contents and the whole of battle Royale games in the caliber of Eternal return.

We are continuously giving you this to improve you gaming style and skills and also make you  feel proud of being gamers and a gaming phenomenal

From here  read more in to our tier lists and  you are bound to be the next master of gaming.

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