Games Like Green Hell: 12 Best Similar Game Alternatives

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Are you looking for Games Like Green Hell? Fans of Open World Survival Simulator games are definitely familiar with this 2019 franchise “Green Hell”, a Creepy Jar survival video game production.

As the name states “Green Hell”, well it’s largely inspired by the game features where you play a character stranded in the great Amazonian rainforests and your ultimate goal is to do whatever it takes to survive and find your way out of the jungle.

The game offers an up-to four-player collaborative play where you can come together to survive the harsh conditions of the rainforest, gather resources and tools to aid survival, fight against wild animals, and build a shelter.

For people who love putting themselves against really challenging scenarios, ideally, this is a game that you would enjoy so much.

Games Like Green Hell: 12 Best Similar Game Alternatives

The reality-based game is built for platforms like Windows, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4 and could cost you roughly $24.99 only.

Now below let’s look at some best alternative survival-based games that one would opt for in the thirst of exploring the various creative capabilities of different game producers. Starting it from the bottom at:

12. Far Sky

Just like Drake, let’s kickstart this off from the bottom with “Far Sky”, a survival-based videogame with a User Score of 7.4 and a Stream DB score of 72%, an ideal game for gamers who look at having a few hours of gameplay.

Built by FarSky Interactive, the short survival game is based on the character role of Nathan who after a crush on his submarine, he has to survive in the depths of the ocean while collecting pieces of the discarded submarine so that he can get back to the surface of the ocean.

Nathan, the character you play, has to get familiar with the unlikely environment, get together various resources that he needs to survive, and defend himself against the deadly sea creatures plus also construct an oxygen-making store unit cause hey, this is a human trying to live underwater.

He has to stay fed as well so the creation of fish traps and a small farm adds to his ability to survive longer as he buys time to add up pieces of his submarine, repair it and get back to the surface.

The amazing graphical game with beautiful sceneries of below the sea can be accessed on Microsoft Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

11. Age of Survival

Well with this one, we are looking at pure survival, death, building, exploration, and craft. So if you’re a fan of thrill then surely this is your kind of game.

The video-game franchise that is developed and published by Seattletek offers quite the thrill as one plays a character that is stranded on an unknown island that is located on the Coast of Africa and the ultimate goal is to survive.

Survival doesn’t come easy tho, as you are faced with various challenges, from the unbearable surrounding that is filled with quite many hazards like wild animals.

So with the help of resources that can be gathered, one can craft weapons to help kill enemies and also building of structures.

The game without surprise will offer you all the best visuals and be an idle pick for gamers looking for thrill and quality at the same time with ample playtime.

10. Darkwood

Now if you are a fan of survival kind of horror, this game right here is one of those great picks for you because it offers the ultimate best to suit that genre.

Developed and published by Acid Wizard Studio initially in 2014 before eventually becoming a full release in 2017, the game gives a player quite the experience one would want to have.

Just like any other survival game, here the unknown character that’s been left in this unbearable forsaken world without any single help has to craft their weapons, and man supplies amidst numerous terrors waiting ahead as one gets deeper into the world of Darkwood.

Survival till the last breath comes with learning lots of new skills, the discovery of secrets, solving puzzles, setting traps for food, and hunting for hunters.

Finding out more secrets of Darkwood combined with taking many precautions and caring about one’s surroundings in the game makes it an ideal pick and quite interesting for the various target audiences.

9. Subterrain

For the fans of science-fiction (Sci-Fi), this is the game for you.

Developed and published by Pixellore Inc, the survival game that has its character on Mars puts the challenge on a whole new level as it has numerous achievements and tasks to complete but also an optically longer game time.

Combined with a well-written storyline, the character that is trapped in an underground city on Mars has to shoot their way through mutants and zombies with the help of a number of weapons and survive all that in pursuit of an exit before it’s too late.

Give it a try and trust me, you won’t be disappointed because it’s an explorative kind of video game with amazing visuals.

8. Don’t Starve

Developed and built by Canadian-based game developers Klei Entertainment, the survival video game suits well the audience looking for both a little survival horror, adventure, and action.

The video game that has the aspect of a randomly open world simulation with various elements for gameplay features a character named Nelson, a scientist who finds himself in this very dark place and now has to struggle to survive.

As the character proceeds deeper into the game, he earns experience points and can use various upgrades at his disposal.

It’s an all-around video game that you could enjoy in the comfort of your Windows PC, MacOS, Linux, Xbox, Mobile device, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation.

7. The Forest

After a passenger jet crash, in this franchise, you play a lone character who happens to be the survivor of the crash hence finding himself in a dark mysterious forest full of cannibalistic mutants that he has to fight against to stay alive.

So you will have to look for food, and medical items plus water, gather resources to build your shelter and guard it against the deadly cannibals, and craft weapons used to defend yourself in the amazing horrifying gameplay experience that has a wonderful storyline.

Well fans of this video game franchise that came out in 2014, should brace themselves for this year as there is yet another game to be released adding onto this one.

It shall be titled “Sons of the Forest” and it is expected to be released on the 23rd day of February 2023 by the same developer company Endnight Games Ltd.

6. Resilience: Wave Survival

Game developer Jimbob Games outdid themselves on this one, this survival game features alien invaders, robots, and zombies that are trying to take over an abandoned village but you aren’t letting any of that happen easily without a fight.

With a variety of ammunition and guns to help you defeat the enemies, foodstuff, and water to help aid your survival.

This game is comprised of different various modes that a player can choose to start from with also different game weapons.

As you get into this game, expect a new experience with fast-paced awesome graphics, character choice, options for customization, and lots more exciting stuff.

5. Jurassic Survival

I don’t even know how far back in time this action-based survival game takes us but just at the start, the goal is solely surviving in a world that’s largely dominated by dinosaurs and the character just happens to fall among the small fraction of humans that struggle to survive.

The video game that’s available for play on both iOS and Android offers a multiplayer mode where you can team up with real-life players and archive lots of things together including building a village, beating hunger and thirst, maintaining health levels plus taming dinosaurs that can be of great use in fights.

Give it a tryout today and believe me you will be sucked in having lots of fun in this mind-blowing masterpiece.

4. Rust

Coming in at number 4 surely can’t be a surprise to passionate gamers due to its large popularity among very popular streamers.

In this specific game, everything in the unfriendly environment is against you and it is a streamable game, thus making it very competitive as other online players can join in.

Despite all the deadly creatures and harsh environments, you must stay hydrated and well-fed to avoid starvation and dehydration.

Defeating deadly creatures and overcoming obstacles, exploration, tracing for food supplies and other utilities like medical supplies, etc.

The video game is definitely a go-to action-adventure survival video game that fully supports multiplayer gameplay and is worth a try without a doubt. 

3. Westland Survival

With a rating of 4.2/5 on AppGrooves, this single-player adventure survival video game takes you to a Wild West world where the character is a cowboy and must survive and become the rule of law at all costs.

During the gameplay, the player takes on trade with American Natives whilst battling against robbers.

You get to craft as well various types of equipment and items, use pistols and rifles in your fights against robbers, and lots of other interesting features to this highly rated game.

The game also has various core features like weapons, creating a Wild West Ranch, and much more exciting stuff. It’s available for play on both android and iOS with quite impressive graphics.

2. Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival

In a world that was once prosperous and imperial, now all covered with darkness and fear, the dark fantasy survival game gives the player one ultimate goal and that’s to survive in that very dangerous land at all costs.

The game has a rating of 4.3/5 on Google Play, which tells you how much it’s loved by the players that can access it on both android and iOS.

The MMORPG game has an incredible storyline and gameplay elements that require the player to gather resources, creating of a castle, self-defense from brutal monsters and zombie knights, and lots of other things that make the game quite interesting and captivating.

This is one of those games that is awesome without a doubt and once given a try, you will testify to its awesomeness firsthand.

1. Drift Into Eternity

Game developer “We Are Bots” brings you arguably the best futuristic survival game with all touches of science fiction (Sci-Fi) where the character is the only alive crew member of a distressed spaceship that’s stranded drifting in space where it is so far from human civilization with 0% hope and a chance of rescue.

Ideally, the player has to study and explore the modules of the ship so that he can restore its functionality, adapt to the environment and safeguard from an invasion of the ship hence posing threat to the player’s life.

It’s quite an interesting game to check out, with various prominent features like entering the Astroid Field and more, coming in at number one surely goes ahead to prove that they deserve the top spot.

Conclusion on Games Like Green Hell

In case you had finalized all levels of Green Hell and you were having a hard time finding a catalog of games that would suit that same taste, well worry no more because we got you covered.

All the above-listed games perfectly fit the description of Green Hell as they are engaging plus offer that thrill of survival and horror in some of the games.

I am positively sure you will find one of the above said games interesting and you will deeply fall in love with it.

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