Games like Little Nightmares: 12 Best Similar horror adventure video games

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Games like Little Nightmares: 12 Best Similar Alternative Picks!

In a conversation where one has to break down the best horror adventure video games, between the lines, “Little Nightmares” will definitely come out as a unique stand out pick. 

Developed by Tarsier Studios and later published by Bandai Namco Entertainment, the puzzle-platform horror game has gone ahead to do so well not only because of the wonderful visual effects but also the fact that it has pretty quite an interesting storyline.

Due to the interesting storyline in the first game “Little Nightmares 1”, the video game developers ended up making a sequel part 2 to continue with the storyline and also give the game that extra edge of a bit more horror and letting the players even discover more dark secrets in the game.

So just like I already mentioned earlier this is a horrific kind of game that’s takes center stage between dreams and reality.

Basing around a child left in a dark place in purist for hope amidst lots of dead meat and old shoes of the Maw.

The only armory you have at this point is just a lighter and a yellow raincoat.

The game basically brings those dark bedtime stories to life and therefore tasking the player to explore and survive the inhumane side of humanity as they move forward with their journey to the surface.

Definitely worth a try with quite a huge number of positive ratings so far.

Now below let’s look at 12 other similar video games of the same caliber as Little Nightmares that one could look out for and have lots of fun with the taste being largely for the funs of thrills, puzzles and horror, we got you covered :

12. Among The Sleep

among the sleep game
among the sleep

This stunning survival horror video game developed by Krillbite Studio was initially released in May 2014 and has since earned its rightful place in this genre as it can be played on PlayStation 4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Players are fitted into a character of a toddler which is a real twist in this franchise as you encounter the dark moments in this ultimate storyline.

The story isn’t that long but provides some truly scary moments, not just the jump-scare kind of moments but rather those that come through in the twists and turns of the game.

It’s such an excellent game to give a try and best believe me with all the beautiful lighting, sound and color combinations, it’s such a masterpiece worth the try.

11. Limbo


Just as the name has it, Limbo is a dark puzzle-survival horror game that’s built around a character that players control, helping him solve unique puzzles in a creepy forest with many obstacles similar to the ones in “Little Nightmares 2”.

The game that was developed by Playdead and published on 21st July 2010, supports play on platforms like PlayStation 3 and 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and Mobile devices.

The puzzles being solved in the game by the controlled young boy, only get harder and harder as one progresses and dives deeper into the game but yet keeping the players on the edge of their seats and fully immersed into the game that has a very unique style of play and definitely worth a good try.

10. It Takes Two

it takes two game

Now here comes an interesting game that many don’t rank as a horror game because of its action-adventure multiplayer supportive playing style.

Well similarly to “Little Nightmares 2” with the unfolding relationship between Six and Mono, this game can be enjoyed as a solo adventure or even teaming up with your mates which makes it even more interesting.

The game that features the small characters that are trying to make their way through a world filled with danger and puzzles was developed by Hazelight Studios, published by Electronic Arts on 26th March 2021 supports game play on platforms like PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox series X/S and PC.

Incase you were having second thoughts on giving it a try, I bet this should be your boost of confidence to dive right into it because it’s quite an interesting game and could even get better when you team up play with friends and family.

9. Psychonauts 2

Games like Little Nightmares: 12 Best Similar Alternative Picks!

For the players that enjoy 3D platformers, this right here is just one of those games that you should be looking out for.

In spite of the fact that it isn’t that scary as Little Nightmares, it just has this element of imagination that gives the player that edgy and interesting feel.

This award winning game comprises of missions, mysterious conspiracies, danger up-close, excitement, adventure and guiding the character Raz on a journey through the minds of friends and foes on a tuff quest to defeating a murderous psychic villain.

The cinematic video game story that’s blended perfectly with humor and intrusion was developed by Double Fine, Published by Xbox Games Studio on August 25th 2021 and supports play on platforms like PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Linux, PC and Mac.

Give it a try and enjoy this work of art.

8. Inside

inside game

With a steam rating of 10/10, Inside is a puzzle-platform game that lets you play the character of of a boy with no special powers but just the ability to run away from the monsters around him.

Whereas you don’t have anything to defend yourself apart from running because that’s what your best at, there are men with masks and guns, dogs that will tear you down, if you aren’t fast enough.

The thrilling game that doesn’t come with tutorials or pop ups explaining what the various buttons do was developed by the same makers of famous video game “Limbo” which is ideally similar to Inside in many ways.

Developed and published by Playdead on June 29th 2016, the puzzle platform game supports play on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and Mobile.

While at that by the way I can confidently say it’s worth a try, any-day and anywhere on the go.

7. Bendy And The Ink Machine

Games like Little Nightmares: 12 Best Similar horror adventure video games Picks!

It always gets me super excited when I happen to talk about this game because my oh my, from the intense frightening storyline to all the unique cartoonist elements to the game, it is a real game changer and ideal for lovers of puzzles action and horror.

In this survival game franchise that has a Steam rating of 9/10, the episodic survival horror game is based in Joey Drew Studio where 3 cartoon characters that were created by Henry, a man who was working at the studio, come to life after years and ultimately are trying to murder him.

Now you have to play Henry and directly fight these cartoon creatures as you explore the studio space with creation of suspense and tension here and there through the game.

Developed by Kindly Beast and published by Rooster Teeth Games on February 10th 2017, the survival horror video game supports play on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC and Mobile.

6. Hello Neighbor

hello neighbour 2

Game developers Dynamic Pixels bring evolution of next level gaming in this franchise as its serves first class creative AI (Artificial Intelligence) in video games as the villain changes his actions depending on the players actions every time they lose hence pushing players to even think further outside the box and rethinking various approaches in order to beat the game.

The wonderful storyline is based on a young boy who goes ahead to sneak into the house of a neighbor after his actions sprung suspicious.

To his surprise, what he finds inside the house is way more than what he can handle and now you have got to play his way out of this den of a house.

“Hello Neighbor” features multiplayer settings in which you all can come together to explore this survival horror and escape before you all get buried in the ground over and over again.

Published by tinyBuild on 8th December 2017, the video game supports play on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC and Mobile.

Largely recommended and I believe it’s worth all the hype it gets, as this will leave you on the edge of your seat the whole playtime.

5. Unravel

unravel two

Originally released in 2016 with a part 2 that came out in 2018, the puzzle-platformer game is much like if “Little Nightmares” didn’t bare any elements of horror and perfectly suits gamers who are looking for the thrill and edgy adventure without being freaked out of their seats through the games adventures.

With a perfectly interesting soundtrack that complements the playtime, the game comprises of a character “Yarny” with the name being inspired from the nature of the creature since it’s made up of yarn.

Together, you traverse and explore the memory of an elderly lady with some of the memories being good and others bad hence bringing the puzzle element to the game upfront.

The video game franchise that has one of the simplest controls supported on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, was developed by Coldwood Interactive and published by Electronic Arts.

Due to the simplicity in controls, this is an ideal game for easy chilled and interesting gaming.

4. Soma


Steam rates this game at a whopping 10/10 and IGN rates it at an 8.1/10 which definitely by all statistics tell you much about this survival horror, first-person adventure video game.

Developed and published by Fictional Games on 22nd September 2015, the game franchise brings the perfect blend between horror and walking simulation.

Players take control of a character identified as Simon who later awakens in a dystopian future where he finds the remaining existing humans living underwater.

This underwater setting largely brings to life an atmosphere like that of game franchise “BioShock’s”.

Getting deeper into the adventure Simon will meet a lady called Catherine who has found out some interesting stuff about their world and together they agree to help each other through the journey that’s filled with dangerous monsters and puzzles similar to those in “Little Nightmares”.

The video game that really makes you appreciate all the aspects of really being human supports play on Linux, Microsoft Windows, OS X, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Dig into this marvelous game and you will be amazed but all these various elements and stunning graphics.

3. Undertale


Developer Toby Fox really went out of his comfort zone while creating this masterpiece that has since gone ahead to be one of the most popular games of the decade.

The creator did pretty much everything first hand, crafting it all from composing the games soundtrack to writing the beautiful storyline.

The video game franchise changes the narrative from the traditional RPG in a storyline that’s about a human who finds himself fallen at the Earth’s surface where he meets monsters that become a large part of the game as players traverse through as one gets to learn and see the relationships between these monsters and humans spanning all the way to even before the beginning of the game.

This beautiful masterpiece that’s worth any players playtime supports gaming on your PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Classic MacOS, Linux, PC and Nintendo Switch.

2. We Happy Few

we happy few

Best believe me after you give this game a try, you will definitely be among the happy few people there is.

This survival horror action-adventure game franchise takes place after World War II in a world where a drug called Joy was created and now you have control of three characters namely; Sally, Ollie and Arthur in this alternative reality.

The video game being one of the best on the market right now, let’s the characters explore and learn facts about the true history of this world we live in while ultimately providing a great gameplay experience and surely fit for players who love that horrific seat edging tight gaming excellence.

Video game developer Compulsion Games crafted this masterpiece that was later on published by Gearbox Publishing on 10th August 2018 providing the ultimate action adventure that’s can be played on PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox One and Linux.

1. Cuphead


Let’s have a Drumroll please, or this stunning video game that comfortably sits on the top spot of this list bearing a similar charm to “Little Nightmares” which am quite sure that fans of the game franchise will enjoy beyond their expectation.

I wouldn’t say the game is that scary as some of those mentioned in the list above but one thing is for sure, it is interesting and breathtaking.

With support of over two-players that can cooperate to beat the game, Cuphead is more of a run and gun kind of video game.

Inspired largely by old cartoons, gameplay has the character and his brother, Mugman, fighting different series of bosses as they take their souls in order to save their lives after they made a deal with the Devil.

You can play this amazing game which has stunning visuals and music on your PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch or PC.

Published and developed by Studio MDHR on 29th September 2017, this ultimate gaming experience is definitely one that’s to die for.


Honestly this list can go on and on due to the fact that there are quite many interesting similar games under this genre so for the good sake of humanity, today we can’t just conclude like that without hitting y’all with a little bonus for the day and that’s;

## Hollow Knight ##

In this impressive video game that’s earned a wholesome 10/10 steam rating plus a 96% Humble Bundle rating and a 4.7/5 rating, all one can say at this point is wow.

After a supernatural disease befalls a kingdom, the character played is a Knight who happens to be a nameless insectoid warrior. The kingdom is actually called Hallownest and it’s infested with insects do the knights combat skills are put onto test in order to survive and keep alive.

The stunning 2D Metroidvania unique video game gives players this ultimate beautiful playing experience without doubt. Due to the video games high praise and ratting since it’s release, game developer “Team Cherry” is currently developing an upcoming sequel, “Hollow Knight: Silksong” that is slated to be released this year, 2023.

You can get to enjoy this experience on your PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Cloud, Android, Microsoft Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Conclusion on Games like Little Nightmares

Well at this point, we feel like we have said pretty much everything on the various options one would have lined up incase they successfully complete “Little Nightmares 1 & 2”.

All the above stated video game franchises will ultimately provide that gaming experience that you would crave for in the line of looking at games that give you a similar and unique feel compared to “Little Nightmares”.

Try them out and you will be amazed, advantageously, most of the video games mentioned above support play on quite a number of devices subsequently.

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