Games to Play When Sad ( 7 Best Picks!)

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Could you be looking for the best games to play when sad, do you want to hear some interesting facts? I will tell you one!

Over the years it’s become a known fact that very many people have now turned to video games to find escapism from so many things.

This is because life can sometimes be frustrating no matter how old you are, there is always something that’s going to get on your nerves and make you sad  and at this point you will do anything  just to get your mojo back..

 Now the thing about games is they can be played for different reasons with different emotions and believe it or not these games have an overall impact on your mood.

As a gamer, maybe when you’re sad all you want is a happy game to make you cheerful, a game where you get to do whatever you want without anyone stopping you.

For others, it has to be something beautiful with relaxing music to sooth the mood.

Games to Play When Sad- Best Picks!

Games to Play When Sad

In today’s article, let’s take a look at some of those games to play when sad so that you can take you away from all of it.

1. Animal crossover

What better game to start off our list than animal crossover.  

Think about having a place to escape and get away from everything, having a chance to wander freely without the burdens of the current daily life, finding yourself on an island town where you feel represented and safe,  this is what animal cross over is all about.

It gets you stepping out of the real world and taking a vacation to an island town full of love and support

The best thing about this game is how it has a comfort space for everyone.

If you need a loving community to make you feel understood and special, the islanders got your back and then if you just  want to walk about alone, wander around with no disturbances or maybe do some fishing with headphones in, enjoying the easy going music, this game will still mellow you out,.

Animal crossing’s over most important gift is making its players feel at home.

The village is a safe space in which you can slow down and just be yourself.

So if you’re having a sad day, then Stepping out of the real world and taking a mini vacation to a friendly island could be exactly what you need.

Try Animal cross over…

2. Super Mario galaxy

 Super Mario galaxy is with no doubt one of the best games to play when having a terrible day, the colors in this game are really beautiful; the music itself is cheerful so we can say it’s a really obvious choice.

Everything about this a game from its brightness to the soundtrack does nothing but bring yelps of joy.

I dare you to try playing this game and listening to its music then tell me if you will stay in your grumpy mood.  

It’s impossible, isn’t it? The cheerful playful joy will crack your sad exterior and leave you smiling.

Once you play this game the genius of the level designs’ will melt your heart away.

Take the chance and just try exploring Mario’s playground, you won’t wish to come back to the real world and by the time you’re done with the game you will want to thank Mario for cheering you up but instead his one who will thank you.

“Thank you very much for playing my game” those will be his words but no. it should be us thanking him, thank you Mario. Thank you for cheering me up

Well hey Gamer, this is a game I would recommend you to play at any time of the day if you’re feeling sad.

3. Stardew valley

This game taught me that games actually have profound value. Sometimes when you’re sad all you need is a sense of belonging, meaning and purpose to be okay.

This is exactly what stardew valley does. 

It actually reminds me of this ted talk show I was watching sometime time back where the guy was telling a story about a man who lost his leg and became very depressed.

He spent most of his time drowning in sadness and instead of anti-depressant’s.

His doctor gathered people together to buy him a cow that he could tend to.

And guess what his depression vanished.

The whole point is he needed something to give him purpose and he got it.

Stardew valley is basically the best fantasy for this.

It gives you a little community to belong to and a purpose in helping these people.

You will make it a point not to miss watering your crops and you will sleep knowing that it’s just a few more days for this to pay off.

You will find a sense of belonging and help the community defeat the big bad joja, there is a lot of adventure and new things. 

A lot of people love playing this game when sad and so many of them even get inspires by stardew in their day to day life.

They end up starting up little gardens or even own their own chickens.

So if you’re having a sad day, check it out.

4. Final fantasy

The story of final fantasy x is one of the best stories ever told in the entirety of gaming. I love this game and it couldn’t miss out on this list.

Allow me tell you something small about it,  final fantasy is set in the world of Spira and follows the story of Tidus and Yuna.

Tidus is a star athlete blitzball player, who is taken off to Spira by Auron after a monster called Sin destroys his home city of Zanarkand.  

This when tidus joins the summoner  yuna to try to carry and carry out  a rescue.

FFX is all about changing your fate, you may be thinking that you have only one path forward but you realize it’s all an illusion.

The focus you put on the game and try so hard to find a way out is good at distracting you from your sadness.

It’s just uplifting to watch yourself find so many ways out of it .

So yes, I would highly recommend it for someone having a sad day.

5. World of war craft

You can all agree with me that sometimes when you’re sad, all you want is a place to vent.

Well guess what?  Playing games can really help with this; you can slash zombies or collect shines to brighten your day.

With world of war craft, you will always get support. 

It’s a matter of going to your corp in eve or your guild in wow and just say, “guys I am having a super terrible day and I think  am not okay”.

When your friends know that you are sincere and you really are feeling low, then they will offer that one thing that can make things better for you.

They will have time for you and understand what you’re going through.

The problem in our world today is the media and elders have failed to understand that online friends are not something to be mocked and if you try playing world of war craft then you agree with me on this.  .

It will immediately become your best escape.

6. Rock band

Now For so many people music has always been a form of therapy.

The rock band game offers you a way to experience music in the most attractive way. You get to play along to the music and even get to influence how it sounds.

The most interesting thing about this game is it has the power to make you feel better whether your unions been on strike or your even down on your luck.

You will feel okay just by banging on rubber pads, shouting into a microphone at the top of your lungs and believe me, after doing this, you will feel way different

Personally, I have always known how to find exactly the right song or album to soothe my mood when I’m feeling sad, but I had always faced a hard time and struggled to find the right video game experience, till I landed on Rock band.

It completely changed everything.

7. Journey

Christ, there isn’t even a word to describe how wonderful this game is. It will get you fighting back those tears, give you goose bumps and give you a sense of purpose after you finally completer the journey,

It’s an indie adventure game where the player controls a robed figure in a vast desert travelling towards a mountain in the distance.

Along the same journey, you meet other players. The more you assist each other, you develop an emotional connection and believe me, it’s a pretty good feeling.

It creates sense of companionship and makes you feel less alone.


1. Can video games help with sadness?

Yes, research recently discovered that playing these games with purpose does not help you overcome depression but they help you work on self-confidence  and give you skills you can use in real life.

Best example here is super Mario galaxy.

So many people have ended up starting their own gardens and gotten chicken to rear in real life.

2. Can games make you cry?

Obviously, games can trigger many adrenaline socked feelings like anger or excitement, just like a good novel or play.

Games an tap into subtler feelings like sadness.

If you have tried playing games like final fantasy VII then you know what it feels like to get totally screwed up after you get to that scene where Aerith is suddenly viscously married.

CONCLUSION On games can you play when sad!

 Video games have and will always provide a connection at our lowest points.

I mean I know there’s music, movies and even foods that people run to just to find happiness but I also know that their games that will give you an escape from your sad reality to a fantasy world of your dreams, a place that gives you purpose and unconditional love,  

That’s why I have made the list above for the best games to brighten your moods and lift your spirits.

Here are the best picks of the games can you play when sad in summary!

  1. Animal crossing
  2. Super Mario galaxy
  3. Stardew valley
  4. World of war craft
  5. Rock band
  6. Journey

Well that’s it guys, check them out and hopefully you’ll cheer up!

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