Games To Play While Tripping :12 BEST Games!

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Have you been daring to go on an epic adventure and wondering what the best games to play while tripping are? Well I got you.

The thing about video games is you can do just about anything if you choose the perfect game.

Below I have laid out 12 awesome fun games with relaxed good vibes that any stoned gamer would love.

So settle down, read through and get the best pick that will take you on that conscience expanding trip.

1. Katamari Damacy

Over time, I have come to accept that Katamari  damacy is the king of tripping video games.  It’s just crazy classic on the go celebrating chaos and encouraging it no matter  how it might end up affecting its inhabitants.

This third person puzzle action video game was developed and published by Namco from japan in march 2004 and its success led to the creation of greater katamari  franchise. 

In December 2018 a high definition re-master of the game katamari demacy was released turning out to be a huge success.

The story bases on a diminutive prince set on a mission to rebuild the stars and moon which were destroyed by his father, the player will have to explode one area thoroughly before moving on to the next if they want to find the best way to beat katamari, the faster they get things done, the better the game gets.

This video game is an all times favorite to many gamers but you will enjoy it even more when stoned.

The repetitive beautiful nature, visuals and storyline are wonderfully satisfying.

It’s what every stoned gamer needs.

Katamari  damacy is available on  PS2, PS3, PS4, Nintendo switch, Microsoft windows, Android,  iOS and Xbox one.

2. Mario Kart

Here is another multiplayer game that will buzz out your senses.

Playing games like Mario kart while smoking with your friends takes the gaming experience to the next level and once you give it a shot, you might never want to play sober again.

Mario kart is a series of racing games published and developed by Nintendo.

It was launched in 1992 with super Mario kart on the super Nintendo entertainment system and at the moment, it totals up to fourteen games with the latest being Mario kart Live; home circuit that was released in October 2020.

What makes Mario kart a perfect choice for this list is it has this beautiful graphic that seems to be getting better and better.

The colorful environment alone and loon characters will immediately give an instant hit of nostalgia the moment you pick up the controllers.

If you’re stoned and all you want is a beautiful world that never comes to an end. Mario kart is the game for you.

Mario Kart is available on Android, Nintendo switch, GameCube, iOS

3. Street fighter

Street fighter is a Japanese media franchise developed and published by Capcom centered on a series of fighting video and arcade games.

It’s one of the highest grossing video game franchises of all time and while playing it, be sure that your abilities to function while high will be put to test if there is another person involved.

This game was designed by Takashi  Nishiyama and Hirosh  matsumoto  and developed by capcon. .

In the game, the player controls martial artist  Ryu to compete in worldwide martial artists involving five countries and 10 other opponents.

The best thing about playing street fighter while high is that the chance of the competition getting out of hand is very small since both of the players will be too chilled out to argue.

This means less competition and more fun for you!

Street Fighter is available on PC, PS4

4. Tetris Effect; connected

Playing Tetris effect while high doesn’t just offer you an endless source of fun but it’s also a great way to challenge your brain not to lose focus.

On august 18th 2021, the developers’ Monstars inc and stage games released Tetris effect; connected with an overwhelmingly positive user review.

It’s quite very hard not to adore this game because it’s able to elicit emotions from just a simple premise; the game pulls in the player as they explore the beauty in its medium with an Europhobic combination of engrossing music and wonderful graphics.

While stoned out, Tetris is that game that will never fail to leave you locked in a hypnotic gaze as you keep staring at those falling bricks just feeling awesome.

So if you’re a high gamer and you haven’t checked it out, then its time you did.

Tetris Effect is available on PlayStation 4, windows, Xbox one, Nintendo Switch Meta quest.

5. Grand theft auto

For a stoned gamer, what could be better than playing a fictional character who walks around the city stealing cars and shooting people.

Grand theft auto is a series of action developed games created by mike daily and David Jones.

It’s primarily developed by British development house rock star north and published by rock star games.

The game revolves around a criminal underworld and the players are cast in the role of gang members who should commit brutal crimes to be able to rise through the ranks.

Remember just like the Sims experience, any grand theft auto title you choose will give the best experience making you feel like you’re really out there on the road.

So check it out.

Grand theft auto is available on Android, windows, PS3, PS4, PS5, play station portable

6. Psychonauts 2

Psychonauts is one of the highest rated trippy games with quite a twisted engaging story and a stunningly colorful world.

Developed by double fin, psychonauts was Announced at the game awards 2015 and on 25th august 2021 it was officially released for PlayStation 4 , windows, and xbox one.

It’s an adventure game with a cinematic style and a number of customized psychic powers.

In the game, players are taken on mysterious filled adventures where they have to use their unique psychic abilities to uncover twisted dark secrets and conspiracies.

A player gets to step into the shoes of  raz,  a trained powerful young psychic to go on a hilarious adventure while diving into peoples brain just to be able to unlock hidden memories, finding out everything they are trying to hide.

It’s one of the most fun trippy games you will ever play and the best part of everything is it can be played on multiple platforms.

Available on play station 4, windows, Xbox one, Xbox series, x/s , Linux, macOS

7. Becalm

My first time playing this game gave me a deep longing for an experience i couldn’t explain quite well. I felt at home and got a deep longing for a place I had actually never been to.

Be calm is that game that will give you the most relaxing beautiful sailing visuals when stoned.

It was developed by color fiction and released on 17th January 2019. The game got a very positive review and became one of the best free psychedelic games.

While playing Be calm, you will sail towards the sunset through the magical waters using a very special boat.

The best part is you don’t have to worry about your journey, the steering, missing pirates or even capsizing cause just like the title of the game; you just have to be calm.

Sit back and relax.

Be calm can also be a great game for gamers who enjoy games set on ships. .

The game has vibrant colors with enchanting sounds that will help your mind relax.

Be calm is Available on windows 7,8 and 10

8. The Artful Escape

The story in artful escape follows a young prodigy teenager who sets on a psychic journey to find his own voice and confront the legacy of a dead folk legend.

It’s one of the greatest music games that someone can play when stoned because of its vibrancy and colorful word filled with musical jams.

The players have to find their own stage personal and try so hard to escape the expectations to be able to create their own musical voice.

The artful escape was developed by Beethoven and Dinosaur and released on September 9th 2021.

The game not only has impressive visuals but also hypnotic sounds that will immerse any player in the games weird world.

It’s a beautiful game with an inspiring story that will take you around the most beautiful landscapes.

Artful escape is available on PS4, PS5, Nintendo switch, Xbox one, Microsoft Windows, iOS

9. Minecraft

We can all agree that every time your high, the one thing your mind loves to do is wander off; well mine craft is the game for this.

The music and exploration that comes with the game could keep a stoned person entertained for hours without any effort.

Designed by Markus Persson and Jens Bergensten under mojang studios,  mine craft Was released on 18th November 2011  becoming the bestselling video game with nearly 140 million monthly active players as of 2021,  and has since then been ported to other several platform’s, .

This sand box game can be super fun especially if your stoned. 

Players have to  create and break apart different kinds of blocks, you have to try to survive by getting on different adventures where you engage in a number of activities like crafting small weapons  to building structures like castles completely understandable.

Mine craft gives you the freedom to lay back high and build anything that comes to mind no matter how silly it might be.

It will be completely understandable and fun.

Minecraft is available on Android, Microsoft Windows, macOS, and iOS.

10. No man’s sky

If you’re already high and your body feels like it’s on another world, the best thing you can do is kick back and build a spaceship that will take you there. 

No man’s sky is another game that is extremely enjoyable while high.

It’s an exploration survival game in an infinite universe.  Developed by hello games and released on 12th august, no man’s sky has received utterly breathtaking reviews.

The game presents you with a beautiful galaxy filled with unique planets, constant action and danger that you have to explore.

In no man’s sky, every star is given off as light of a distant sun, each planet is filled with life and you can just choose any and fly smoothly from deep space with no limits.

While playing, a player will discover places and creatures no one has seen before.

From a high mind, being able to move your character all around the world while unable to leave your own couch is an experience you will never forget.

No man’s sky is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox one, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft windows, Mac OS

11. Eternal darkness: Sanity’s requiem

Eternal darkness; sanity’s requiem is an action adventure video game published by Nintendo. It was developed by silcon knights and released on 24th June 2002.

After the murder of her grandfather, Alex takes it upon herself to investigate his murder. Its where she finds a tomb that give her magic.

Of course you might be wondering where the catch is for someone one who’s stoned.

Well there is one. , being in this tomb causes sanity effects, now this where the tripping meter comes in, you will see walls turning into monsters , statues coming alive and it will seem like everything is out to get you.

It’s a game any stoned person will enjoy playing.

The sanity effects are all only temporary but if you’re high, you will never notice

Eternal Darkness is available on Xbox, PS2, and Nintendo switch

12. Stanley’s parable

The irony here is Stanley’s parable would have been number 1 but here we are having it at number 12. I guess we were saving the best for the last.

Stanley’s parable is what will drive you completely crazy. The lesser you know about it the better, this is because it will get you questioning every choice you’ve ever made in your life including the very one that got you playing it in the first place.

After a minute into Stanley’s parable, you will immediately start wandering who are the brains behind this mind blowing game, well the game was designed and developed by Davey Wreden and William Pugh.  On October 17 2003 it was officially released with numerous praise on the narrative and its decision making abilities.

The Stanley’s parable follows the journey of Stanley, an office clerk whose life is unknown.  We keep on wondering if he is insane or not and this can be determined with the choices you make along the way while playing.

While playing, the player will be accompanied by a voice who is known as the narrator but be aware that he might not be what he seems like.

I must warn you that it might drive you crazier than you already feel when high but still assure you that it’s one of the best stoned games of all times. So go give it a try.

Stanley’s parable is available on Linux, Microsoft Windows, MacOS

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Do you play games better while high?

This might come off as a surprise because to most people, weed is considered a negative effect to the memory however most gamers have come out and sworn that it is the only thing that helps them concentrate while gaming and I agree. Smoking weed and playing video games is a classic combination.  It comes off natural and effortless

Conclusion on Games To Play While Tripping

Everything about this article was to show you that being high shouldn’t stop you from getting an epic gaming experience and am sure you will find something to like in this list.

  • Street fighter
  • Mario kart
  • Tetris effect connected
  • Grand theft auto
  • Katamari Damacy
  • Psychonauts 2
  • No man’s sky
  • Mine craft
  • Be calm
  • Artful escape
  • The Stanley parable
  • Eternal darkness

Well that’s it guys. Were done for now, happy gaming and happy smoking!

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