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Based in Brno, Czechia

Release date:
23 Oct, 2017

PC / Linux / Mac


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Ghostory is a 2D puzzle adventure game, characteristic by its pixel art graphics and a humorous story. And puns. Horrible puns. You take role of a cursed traveller, able to transform to a ghost. Trying to find a cure, you got stuck in a cave. Will you find your way out?


In Ghostory, the player takes the role of a lone traveller who got lost in the woods. He drinks from an unknown lake, which gives him a special power - he can transform to a ghost, fly around, and switch back. However, as he finds out really fast from a constantly pun-making old lady living nearby, he is slowly dying and needs a cure.

After a quick turn of events, he gets stuck in a cave with only one goal - to get out safely with his cure, a Zelgaria mushroom in his backpack. Throughout the game, the player finds out more about the cave, the shady reasons he got stuck in it and questions what can he believe.


Ghostory is a 2D puzzle adventure. The game consists of many short levels - in each level, the player's goal is to bring a backpack from one side of the map to another. To do so, he has to toggle levers, move platforms, gather keys and interact with other elements.

The main niche of the game is, however, swapping between two forms. In human form, the player can interact with objects and, mainly, carry the backpack. In ghost form, the player can fly through walls and spaces to relocate wherever he wants to be, but he has to leave the backpack where it is. The player therefore has to swap between the two forms to complete puzzles and get the backpack to the exit.


Why can't you just fly out of the cave as the ghost? Because you need a mushroom that you have inside your backpack and as a ghost, you can't carry items.

Can you die so that you have to restart the level? No, the player cannot die in any level. There are certain places where you need to mind your every step, or you might need to restart, but levels are designed so that there is minimum pointless rerunning expected.

Do I need to be mechanically skilled to play this game? There is a little expertise required here and there, but generally you should be able to pass the game even without too much mechanical skill.

I am colorblind. Can I still play this game? Yes! Even though in Ghostory it is important to tell colors apart, there is a special colorblind mode just for you that you can turn on!


Ghostory - Official Launch Trailer YouTube

Ghostory - Release Teaser YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Winner of Best student project category at Game Access '16." Brno, 16 April, 2016

Selected Articles

  • "Ghostory is a good addition for any fans of the puzzle platformer genre."
    - Benjamin Green, keengamer.com
  • "If you're a fan of puzzle platformers and you want something with a challenge, then Ghostory is a great option."
    - Shaun Meyers, endworldgaming.com
  • "Do you love puzzle games? How about ones that get progressively more complicated the more levels you beat? Then you will love Ghostory."
    - Ralph Whitmore, gamespace.com
  • "Unique gameplay experience which we've never seen before"
    - Emine Öztürk, gamenewsplus.net

Press Release

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Ghostory Credits

Matej Poklemba
Programming, Game design, Graphics, Sound

Michal Románek
Level design, Game design, Sound, Graphics

Richard Trembecký
Level building, Game design, Graphics

Michal Bertko
Testing, Game design

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