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Starting as a student project, we quickly fell in love with game making. All of our team members are passionate gamers, so we have some ideas from experience about what makes a good game. We value player’s opinion and concentrate on delivering the best games possible. We try to make our games entertaining yet challenging. We put attention to detail so nothing will distract you while you enjoy your game.

Our Team


Lead Programmer

I've always been fond of computer games and found my passion in creating them, making vision of my future clear. Since then I've developed some apps, game mods and a few indie games. I love playing competitive multiplayer games (CS:GO/DotA 2), playing the piano or trying to play soccer :)


Game/Level Designer

When I was a child, my favorite thing to do was to create board games for me and my friends. I guess it's not hard to tell why I'm designing PC games now. While not doing that, I'm playing some games myself, creating videos or music, doing sports, travelling or just hanging out with friends. Oh, and I teach math!



IT student, cool-headed, single.
Favourite things in this world:
games, guitar, sports, women.
Additional favourite activities:
not moving a finger.
Oh well, now truly:
thinking about making things better, naming problems and identifying reasons.

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